our history

GracePark Medical Center was established in July 2014 by a group of young doctors who wanted to offer quality medical services at affordable prices to patients within Meru town and its environs. The Center was first located at Stansted Building along Kenyatta Highway. At the time the Medical Center had 2 consultation rooms, a dental unit and a small laboratory. It started with a staff of eight hardworking workforce including the founders. The Center was mainly offering outpatient medical, dental and laboratory services as well as basic medication to its patients. Due to belief in our humble endeavors and trust from the few clients we were serving, word went around about the quality of treatment we were offering, and we started attracting more patients from around, far and beyond Meru town. The Medical Center grew steadily and began acquiring corporate clients covered by various insurance companies and NHIF.

 The range of services also widened to include a pathology department and consultant clinics and soon the number of patients became too many to fit into the 7-capacity waiting bay. In January 2018, the Center was forced to relocate to Union Square Building still along Kenyatta Highway. This was a newer and bigger space that enabled us to increase the capacity of the already existing services and leading to the addition of various services including but not limited to: out-patient optical, endoscopy, radiology, MCH and revamping our lab to an ultra-modern lab. In 2019 the Centre expanded and opened a state of the art ultra-modern 43-bed capacity inpatient facility offering excellent maternity care, new-born unit (NBU), comprehensive surgical theatre, paediatric, male & female general wards. Today Gracepark Medical Centre is an established outpatient and inpatient facility employing more than 40 hardworking Kenyans. We offer comprehensive and affordable treatment services.”

Values and Cultural Base

Our values reflect what is most important to us, what we care about and support us to deliver our Vision, by driving the qualities and behaviors that we will need individually and collectively to be successful. Our values define who we are, and shape our culture and the behaviors, practices and mindsets of our people. They guide how we work with each other, and with consumers, the community and our partners. Our Core values guide how we act toward each other and how we care for our patients.


We believe in building a relationship with our patients offering comprehensive quality specialist services in a compassionate manner.


We are honest and transparent in all we do. We respect and maintain the highest levels of patient privacy. We adhere to the highest level of professional standards and respect in our interactions with each other, with our clients, and with our service partners. Honesty and straightforwardness in all relationships.


We believe in the provision of the highest standards of healthcare accessible and affordable to patients from all walks of life. Continuous improvement through innovation and a commitment to recognized standards of excellence

Teamwork and Respect

We strive to provide a vibrant and youthful work environment that nurtures respect and teamwork. Treating patients, we serve and those with whom we work with compassion, demonstrating a high regard for the dignity and worth of each person.

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