In-patient Department


The hospital’s inpatient wing has 43 beds distributed within the different pediatric, maternity and general male and female wards. Our wards provide ambient environment for optimal healing with flexible visiting hours for the patients who are well attended to by experienced nurses and doctors.

Our able nurses run daily Antenatal, Postnatal, Mother & Child Health and Well Baby Clinics offering quality and compassionate care to our pregnant mothers and children.

The pharmacy is fully stocked with all drugs including emergency medication. It is open 24 hrs and manned by qualified pharmaceutical technologists who ensure proper issuance, dosage and instructions to patients are adhered to.

In-patient - Maternity and Newborn Unit

After a long 9 months, our maternity unit attends to expectant mothers and skillfully guides them towards the last stage of their gestation period. The unit is fully equipped and secure to ensure both comfort and security as you welcome the new bundle of joy to the family.

The maternity unit is operated by a team of qualified midwives, nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians and anesthetists who provide professional care for both mother and child before, during and after birth.

Major and Minor Surgery

Our surgical team of consultants, resident medical officers, anesthetists and nurses work round the clock to ensure that all emergency and elective surgeries run smoothly as scheduled. Strict standard operating procedures and infection prevention standards are maintained to ensure all our surgical patients heal faster without any complications.

Simple day surgical procedures like lipoma excision are carried out in the outpatient minor theatre while major surgeries like caesarean sections are performed in the inpatient major theatre. Recovering adult patients are then transferred to either male of female wards while recuperating children are observed from the paediatric ward.

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